FS7: Telephoto recommendations


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Can anyone recommend a good telephoto lens I can use for both my FS7 and A7siii? I was looking at the classic Canon 70-200 2.8 or F4. For traditional telephoto uses but also to create a shallow DOF on sit down intvs. How vital is IS?
There's no better 70-200mm for the price than Canon's f/4 non-IS version. Highly-recommended lens by pretty much the entire universe.

With that said, there's not a more beloved and magical lens than Canon's 70-200mm F/2.8 II IS version.

Then there's everything else including Sony's versions (and company), which would probably be a wiser long-term choice for the a7SIII's AF.

[Even if you don't use AF much, you will want it on full-frame 200mm shallow interviews when subjects may move around.]
I have the tamron 70-180 2.8 fe. It has terrific autofocus. I also have the canon 70-200 2.8 is ii. It has marginally better IQ imo than the tamron and also has IS which the Tamron lacks. IS is very useful in a telephoto in my opinion. Even just on a tripod, it will smooth out any jitters in your operation or small bumps of the tripod.

I'd probably rather have IS than 2.8. Although it depends on just how shallow you want to go. But the sony 70-200 f/4 OSS is around $1500. The sony 70-200 f/2.8 oss is around $2500. Sigma hasn't come out with their e-mount 70-200 yet and you won't get good autofocus with a non-e-mount lens. So, I guess you can't speedboost the lens on the FS7 and also expect it to do autofocus on the A7SIII.

I guess the other random suggestion is the 28-135 which is a very useful lens and covers half of the 70-200 range
I'll throw a vote towards the Sony G 70-200 2.8 I use it on my Fs7 and Fx9 routinely...actually one of my favorite lenses.
Thanks. Leaning towards Canon 70-200 F4 IS. They can be had for around $600 on Ebay. IS probably a must at 200mm. Just wondering how an older AF system will work on the A7SIII...
. Just wondering how an older AF system will work on the A7SIII...

You basically can't get continuous autofocus on Sony with a Canon lens. It won't be smooth, fast, or reliable.

I would consider the sony 24-240 which b&h is selling used for $679 and lensauthority for $680. It's very useful to have a superzoom in its own right. And even though it has a smaller maximum aperture at the telephoto end, it will still give you very shallow DOF by virtue of being such a long focal length. I don't personally use my 70-200 at 200mm f/2.8 all the time because it's so shallow. More often, if I'm at 200mm I will stop down to f/4 or even f/5.6. And of course, 240 is even longer than 200.

Here's Dustin Abbott's review with image samples: https://dustinabbott.net/2020/07/sony-fe-24-240mm-f3-5-6-3-oss-review/
You might consider the Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3, which is a great deal at $500 new. No IS but that's not essential on the A7S3. Not very fast but long enough to allow you to really blur the background for interview shoots. I just picked one up for my FX6 and so far the AF seems pretty good, although I haven't had much opportunity to really test it.

It's also astonishingly light.

If you want IS and more reach you could also look at the Sigma 100-400mm, which is a very solid performer.
Thanks. I have a Canon 55-250 4-5.6 IS STM currently. Would the above mentioned lenses be significantly better optically? I'm guessing so...
Theres also the tamron 28-200 which has significantly better IQ than the 24-240 and is a little faster and only $729. But I didnt mention it because it doesnt have IS
How does the Sony 70-200 F4 stack up against the Canon 70-200 F4 IS? Is the Sony focus by wire and how is the AF on the newer Sony bodies i.e. the A7SIII?
I think it's probably on par with the Canon. I would look at sample images and see if you approve. According to Ken Rockwell, the Canon is sharper at the sides of the frame. But the difference is probably marginal and also less important at video resolutions.

It's focus-by-wire. The-digital-picture.com claims the focus ring is ideally dampened and feels nice. My experience with focus by wire lenses is that I can focus well enough manually if I'm going off the monitor. It's just going to be next to impossible to set focus marks and execute a repeated focus pull, especially by someone not looking at the monitor. Because the focus change depends on how fast you rotate the barrel, not just how far you rotate it. But the autofocus performance should be great.

Is it not clear to get MF (for $100) or native AF, I think sony do a 70-200F4 that might be affordable. FD 200 or 180 is probably your manual option - I dont like the push pull manuals
Canon 100-400 with sigma converter is OK. And for super Tele I realy like the Sigma 150-600 Sports. Also with sigma mc11 converter. Does a bit of AF on both lenses.

And dont forget to invest in a very heavy tripod. And only shoot with cold weather :)
I wound up picking up a mint Canon 70-200 F4 IS on Ebay for $500. AF works on my FS7 but no-go on my A7SIII with Metabones IV. Common issue I've heard. Not that AF is great with Canon glass, but it would be nice to have...