HPX250: Strobing/flashing


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I am shooting AVC 100 720p 24PN i/60 in the USA. Some of my footage looks fine but other footage is strobbing, for lack of a better word. I was shooting in a classroom with fluorescent lighting. The odd effect is visible in footage of the same room and later, in the same room, no adjustment made, it is fine? This strobing effect is visible in playback on the camera and when importing or on timeline. It was not visible while shooting. Help, please. And thanks!
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Never seen anything remotely like that, nor am I sure how the camera could even create such a scene. If that's a direct dump of raw footage from the camera right off the card, then ... you should show that to the service department because that would have to be some type of hardware issue.
Well -- I mean, I don't know, I've never seen anything like it. I mean, it looks like you put two different clips on the timeline and cut back and forth every frame or two, right? Do you still have the original footage on the original P2 card? Can you play it from there? If it acts the same, direct from the card, played back from the camera, then it either has to be a camera or p2 card fault, doesn't it?
Yes, very bizarre. I did play it from card in both the playback mode of camera as well as import window. I appreciate your help, Barry. I think it is going back. Grabbing my old HVX.
I appreciate your time. My question now is, in your experience, if it is a camera issue do you believe I will see it again relatively soon or is it something that could be intermittent?