Spot shot with FS100, Epic MX and iPhone5


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Hey guys,

We shot this spot with a RED Epic MX (RPP glass), a Sony FS100 (stock lens) and an iPhone 5. Can you tell which is which?

Always nice to see a familiar face on these boards. Nice work. Helluva car. My guesses:

FS100: Garage doors opening, opening line by actor, plane interior, car interior, green screen plate
iPhone: Wide shots with the plane landing 0:48, 0:53, 0:54, 0:57
Epic: All medium car exteriors and everything not mentioned above

Great ad, but i agree with QuickHitRecord, anyway good work, and why u use iphone here?
Good guesses! This version is before we sent the spot out for final CC, so the differences are easier to spot.

The FS100 shots are: The car coming out of the hangar, the car flashes at :22 and :42, airplane interiors and every long-lensed airplane exterior (except for the last shot with the explosions).
The iPhone shots are: All wide shots of the plane.
The Epic shots are everything else, including the car interiors and the hangar interiors.

Why so many different cameras? Just because we thought it would be funny. During a lunch break we started joking about it and decided it was a great idea. I had brought the FS100 for behind-the-scenes footage, the gaffer had a 7D lying in his trunk and we all had iPhones. None of the 7D footage made it into the spot.

The car interiors were all filmed with the Epic and rotoscoped. The original plan was to put the Ferrari on a process trailer but we realized on set that the nose wouldn't clear the ramps. Whoops.

Here is the BTS piece.

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