Sound Devices MM-1 and Senn plug transmitter

matt s.

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Can I hook a Senn. plug in transmitter into the line out of a MM-1 and feed the signal wirelessly?
I assume the plug on is looking for mic level, so you just need to add a -40db pad(3" long or so)
or buy a professionally made jumper cable with a pad built in (more flexable not as bulky)

but yes, you can.

Now the question is can you not just connect your microphone directly to the plug on transmitter?

Im guessing you dont want to because you need monitoring directly off the mic?
using a condenser and phantom. dont have the phantom powered plug or I would have just went that route.

I was just looking for options using the gear my friend and I have if I needed wireless but did not want to use the lav.
if you want a cheaper solution, you can use a denecke or psc power supply Accessories/audioaccessories.htm

That being said, ive tried the mm1 for my boom op.
mic > mm1 > lectro sm tx with 0(or close to) gain

The benefits are
Great preamp and dont need to use wireless tx gain
the boom op monitoring a better than ifb feed
i could have used a wireless talkback system for the monitor in input.
T power option is great as i have a few older mics i love
Decent SD limiter

Wasnt crazy about predetermined gain stages. also, its bigger than i would expect( same size as the SD mix pre. That with wireless and talk back = a bit bulky. Would work great with one of those walkie chest holders
I've used the MM-1 + Zaxcom Goldline Tx for wireless boom and it works great. Boom op has full control over what he is monitoring, the T-power is great (both my 416 and my 641 are T-powered - it's really a 441).

BTW, I ran the Zaxcom Rx antennas into my Lectro venue and used the same sharkfins that my wireless lavs were running on and this set up worked great.