Sony A7s3 Firmware update

Peter C.

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I don't own the camera but I know there has been a lot of people upset they haven't updated it.

Focus breathing
Timecode via usb
I will be interested in the update. One thing I would like addressed is the LUT applied for preview monitors when using S-LOG III. On the A7sIII it does not look as good as on the A7IV.
Any regular A7sIII owners / users here do the upgrade? I've been waiting... as other than the focus breathing comp - not sure there's much else that this adds that I need / or would use.
Just looking for regular users pros / cons (and especially if this breaks any functionality with other apps that you might use with the camera)...
Be aware some are saying their camera is now overheating after the update. Can't confirm because I don't own it. I've always been curious why the A7s3 doesn't overheat since it has no fan. My A74 can over heat after 40 minutes if I'm filming indoors with no breeze.

Also some are saying that their 3rd party batteries stopped working. Someone was asking on another forum do they still try to stop you from using 3rd party batteries, apparently so.
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Thanks Peter. Call me old fashioned (or is it maybe more of a curmudgeon??) but I have a hard time watching and then an even harder time listening to, much less taking advice from all the YT "content experts" or whatever title they give themselves.