should I buy HD-100


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Hey everyone, i'm new here at this but have been look to get a camera for awhile now, i am a college student that would like to have his own cam so i cam work on side stuff and be more independent rather than my school's 4 hour limit on equipment rental!

I have worked with the hvx, hd110, xl2, and xl1. and very much enjoy the look, feel and operation of the 110 however reading into forums i've seem a few things that would make me think twice and go more towards the HMC or HVX...

I'd love to shoot in HD but my budget is small and if i have to i would not mind using a DVX. I plan on doing small docs, music videos, and skate videos, but want to bring a new element of mine to all of them, hence the reason i wasn't worried about the 110/100's size. i also was looking into sony but other than the Z1 they are using cmos which i don't think i want to worry about the rolling shutter... i do need a 3 chip set an would prefer xlr's but i'm open to suggestions and ideas...

Please help me, is the HD100 worth a buy? or the problems i've read with the cam and JVC's service not worth it?!

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If I had it to do over again, I would not. I usually do freelance stuff as second shooter/B cam, and finding somebody that can use the footage is slim to none, and the camera does have some issues... at least my HD100 does. It is a good camera, but not perfect, but I seriously doubt you will find anything that doesn't have some sort of problem or another. Since you are talking specifically about the HD100, I assume you are buying a used cam?
yeah i was looking on here and ebay for used cams, and i think that i am really being pushed toward saving my money and get a dvx, it is a strong work horse and seems to be a pretty reliable cam. also i have seen people be able to uprez the footage for a faux HD look. thanks for the reply..

I have a strong distrust of the P2 setup, but they are good cams. If you aren't sure if you want to do HD, what does it hurt if the cam has the capability but you don't use it? I think it just really makes work more likely to happen. Lots of people and places use the Panasonic cams, so there has to be something to them. I used an HVX for one shoot, and thought it was great... except for the P2 stuff.
yeah the price of them sucks even though they are going down... but i've worked with them a good bit in school and on a feature that i was lead grip on.... I purchased a used 100a, with what i'm going to start off doing HD is not a necessity so im going to save the money and making sure that i actually use this thing like i plan!