FS7: Short COVID science doc for The Royal Society


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Check out a short doc I made for The Royal Society on "The genetics of COVID-19": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pWSMnpVT0M

Shot on a pair of FS7mk1s, plus a GH5 on a ronin. Edited in Premiere Pro, coloured in DVR. Probably one of the last edits I'll ever do in Adobe (apart from legacy projects), Resolve is IMHO now head and shoulders above the competition. It renders out files at 5-10 the speed of Premiere, just as the vaguest of benchmarks (but a meaningful one nonetheless).

Many thanks to the star of the show Katrina Lythgoe, Nick Street of Street films for his excellent additional camerawork, Pierangelo Pirak at Pomona Pictures for amazing animation, and Michal Kuligowski for a luscious sound design and mix.

Any comments/critiques/questions welcome. Please feel free to share far and wide!