SD to HD and Beyond

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I see recently the Topaz company released Video Enhance AI

I tried it on some SD DVX 100B footage and Wow it was fantastic !

The software is able to take SD to 4K, although I only tested it to 1080P HD

The only drawback was it renders really very slow, unless you happen to be able to get your hands on a computer or laptop from NASA !

My test clip was one minute long but it took 5.5 hours to render !

See the attached screen shots of After and Before .


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  • BEFORE Screen Shot 2020-09-28 .jpg
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Thanks for sharing. I'm going to look at that since I still have a ton of footage shot over the decades that I sometimes still need to integrate into projects. Working on one now, actually, haha. Have you ever used Red Giant Software Instant HD / instant 4k? I was wondering how it compared. That's the one I use