Resources/advice for black backgrounds? (need the "black void" look)

el_lago said:
The place where I'll be setting up the backdrop doesn't have any windows so I don't have to worry about any light sources from behind... at least not for this project anyway. I should have mentioned that before. Doh!

With that in mind, if I get the "double faced" 16 oz. commando cloth (that has both sides non-smooth), then that should be sufficient for setting up behind my instructor and will soak up any light and give me the black void look (assuming that I flag everything properly)? ...

The "single sided" duvetyne I use works great for what you are describing so I would speculate the double faced version would work as well. If you are worried about it absorbing light, the material facing the light source/camera is more important than the back. I think the double faced would be more important when you are trying to block light completely (over a window for example). This is off the top of my head as I haven't used double faced....

I've used mine for the look you are after and it worked great. As with anything, how you light it and what light(s) you use are important. Overall, Duvetyne will absorb light very well.

Thanks for the help, Keith.

I just got off the phone with one of the sales people at Rose Brand and placed my order. I'll post an update after I receive it and try it out.