Repair corrupted A7siii file .RSV


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I shot something on my A7siii yesterday and after removing the card the Camera asked me to reinsert to "Repair".I'm not sure if I did anything wrong when removing it - i.e maybe it was still recording, but i don't have any memory of that . At any rate i reinserted and assumed it was fixed but it turns out that file has a .RSV suffix instead of .mp4 and it won't play . . Any idea how i can repair this ?
I tried handbrake and that doesn't recognise it as a file . VLC seems to see a file but won't play anything.Changing the file name to mp4 doesn't do anything. I sent a sample file to a place in Western Europe "Aero Quartet" that specializes in repairing corrupted video and am waiting to hear from them in the morning . Any other ideas?
From looking on the web it seems this happens with some frequency on the A7 cameras. Anyone else have this problem?
Did you click "repair"? That should have finished/closed out the file.

If you didn't do that and the camera doesn't ask again, that might not be good (but maybe some Sony software can help). Other cameras do similar things when this happens.

If you did do it...hopefully someone else has a better answer.
I'm pretty sure I hit repair. It hasn't asked for it again though when I re-entered the card in the camera today.
Check out the discussion on this page. I also posted a link to a previous thread on card data recovery from 2020. You may get some help from them. Basically, I have covered my good fortune on recovering corrupted cards that wouldn't even mount. The OS wouldn't even see the cards. Using EaseUS Data Recovery has saved my bacon a few times... plus some clients' bacon as well.
You can try EaseUS for free. If it finds the files you are chasing then you pay for whichever EaseUS version covers your needs. I have been so impressed with its recovery capability over a number of occasions that I ended up investing in the full-on Technicians version and not regretted it once

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Thanks Chris. I tried Aero Quartet and they fixed it . Cost my $79 for an 18G 10 min UHD file. I'll look into EaseUS for future screw ups though.
with the a7siii, I've never had a corrupt/unrecoverable file, but it does ask me on occasion to repair the card (just the file index, I think). now all this talk of corrupt files has got me thinking about dual record...
Thanks Chris. I tried Aero Quartet and they fixed it . Cost my $79 for an 18G 10 min UHD file. I'll look into EaseUS for future screw ups though.

Good one Lenny. Those Dudes in Spain really are the best for sure. The only people I know of who can recover files from an XDCam disc other than the Sony factory. If anyone wants to know who they are for future reference see below.

BTW the best card recovery specific software I have come across for cards, especially for Sony cards is Sony's own Memory Card File Rescue Version 3.4. It will work with other brand cards but has the highest recovery rate is with Sony cards. It's one of the few card software apps that I've tried that is capable of recovering MXF files. I've recovered XAVC files off SanDisk cards with this software that SanDisk's own SanDisk RescuePRO and RescuePRO Deluxe couldn't recover. Primarily because SanDisk hasn't written XAVC specific search and recovery algorithms.

Sony Card File Rescue

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Chris , I downloaded the Sony "memory card file rescue" but it required that I give them the name of my card , but it was a prograde and it didn't seem to accept that. So I entered Sony Toughcard but then it wanted some technical name for the card that's only on the back of the card which I don't have. Any advice for how to get that software to work for me?
I'm not at my workstation Lenny but when I get back I'll check that out. It's a while since I've used it so don't recall what steps I had to take for that?

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