Reducing Noise


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Hi all, just a quick post. I had to shoot a little music video for a friend of mine, the link of which you'll find below. Basically, it was done very quickly and rushed (No lighting set ups etc etc). After finishing it all up though, I've noticed in some of the interior shots at the start, on my laptop there appears to be a lot of noticeable noise in the out of focus foreground. (Especially apparent on the shot of the girl on the laptop etc). I just wanted your opinions and if anyone knows how to avoid it. The shots inside were all with the voigtlander 25mm. Strangely enough the later shots seems ok, but it just looks really ugly at the start. What do you guys think? Any good scene file recipes to avoid it? Any advice would be appreciated as always.
What scene file did you use and what iso where you using when you got noise?
Look into a program called neatvideo that does awesome job getting rid of noise in post.
Hey It was a custom file, slight adaption of one from barrys books. the iso would have been set no higher then 500 either! Do you see it too right!? And thanks i'll check neatvideo out!