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I'm making some titles in photoshop... Any way to create "italics" on different fonts... It only shows up as an option for certain fonts, usually the basics (arial, times new roman, etc).

Anyway to do this? I tried making them italic in Word and copying them in, and photoshop made it regular...

Thanks in advance
Re: Quick Photoshop Question

Some fonts will not include "italic"

Two options are to find a similar font with italic you like or you can skew it in Photoshop yourself to create the italic look.
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No problem.

You will receive a bill in the mail for services rendered shortly. ;)
Re: Quick Photoshop Question

You can make any font italic.

1. Select your text
2. In your character pallete, hit the little arrow to expand the menu out to the side, then select "faux italic"

Bada boom, bada bing.