Powering Canon XL2 via P-tap


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Howdy folks. Have a little project I'm working on where we need to shoot some live TV segments, and I'll be using an XL2 outputting via a converter to a recorder and I'd love for everything to be powered off an AB battery on the rig. I have a D-tap to BP style dummy battery. Will I fry this camera if I use it via a standard unregulated Dtap port? What is the voltage I need to power the camera?
the voltage required to power the camera might vary on the input used.

So it might take 7v batteries and have a 12v input hole

Dummy batteries should have a converter in so that the voltage is correct to the battery being dummied

(eg a 5d2 dummy batt will take a vlock 14v and turn it to 7)

I dont know if this old camera is the same as something like the c200.. if so then dummy batts should be available

my C200 has an annoying 16v lemo input. In that I got a 16v converter to take the 14v from the vlock to make 16v for the camera.

Obviously I dont know your model of camera personally.
Thanks Morgan. Looking at the Canon XL2, had a cheap dummy battery and camera will not power on, so might have blown a fuse due to incorrect voltage.
Hey Charles, doing it the cheapest method possible since this is for a friends passion project. Outputting S-video into a blackmagic analog converter, and then running that to an old blackmagic 5" video assist that was laying around. It's supposed to be footage from an old studio tube pedestal camera we'll have for a prop. Results are decent, and it looks a whole lot more authentic (despite than beating down Alexa footage.

It really does take all of the joy out of shooting with the XL2 by giving it a bad form factor. I had so much fun with this camera when I was in film school in the early 2000's, but this rig is different than shooting from the hip. I'm tempted to throw it out for rentals if it performs well and see how many low budget music videos it will go out on.