Please review my plans


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I´m considering a purchase of my first OWN equipment and need some advice

Here the items:

K-TEK 202CCR boompole (I can rent a short one if needed, but nobody in Namibia seems to have a long one )
K-tek zeppelin. Question: would the Rode fit into the medium one or do I need the long version. I can´t find any information about.
Another question. I see more and more guys using this one for outdoor

Any info how they perform in comparison to the other one?.

I´ve got a mixer/recorder (744T), so here i´m covered.

Future purchase would be an AT for stereo/sfx recordings.

Thank you in advance

Hi bimdas
THX looks good. The boompoles are unfortunately to short for my needs.

Do you gave any comments on the fuzzy I mentioned?.

I´ve got another question.
Could you guys recommend a stereo field mic for recording SFX and ambiences?. I was looking at the NT4 but it looks like it won´t fit into Rode blimp. I don´t want to spend on a 2nd zeppelin.
Any ideas
Thank you in advance