Perfect Beam of Light


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I would like to know if anyone here has any ideas on how to accomplish the lighting scene I am attempting to set up:

Night time, in a kitchen, that is lit with one over head light. However, I would like the light to be visible as a very hard light, that only lights up what it is shining down upon. I know that barn doors are a key solution to this, but I am really looking for a very "fixated" beam of light that will only light up the character. Anyone have any tricks up their sleeves?
You need to put some kind of particles in the air for the light to reflect off of to be visible. Something like a haze machine, which dispenses a fine mist, would do the trick.
A Fresnel light, if it is out of frame; or a possibly a spot light bulb, if the light is in the frame.
Sound like you might want to consider a highly focusable light source like a Dedolight. Add a bit of smoke to the environment and you should get the effect that you are seeking.
Hmm... Focusable light. That makes sense to me. And the smoke machine idea sounds good too. Now I need to figure out a way to incorporate that into a kitchen. I guess the stove could set something on fire...
Yeah, you need some haze in there to be able to see the beam. But to get the beam, you'll want something with a fresnel lens and a set of snoots. Black wrap can work as a fine substitute.
With very minimal rigging, you could hide a Surefire Scorpion flashlight (like on CSI)behind your existing ceiling light, away from camera view,depending on its size of course.(ceiling light) 70 lumens of light....Bright enough to momentarily blind someone....Not big enough ?
Noah's suggestion of blackwrapping or snooting a light would probably work best. If your looking for a perfect circle, or cone of light to project , use a snoot.
A perfect light for this would be a Stage /studio light called a LEKO, but I doubt the ceiling in the kitchen is high enough to keep this out of frame.
Have a good shoot.
KHMUSE is right...go Dedo. We have one of their new ones with their 2nd generation aspheric technology: wow. The beam is even all the way through. You can have a sharp or soft edge, it's dimmable. The perfect beam, but they are pricier than your standard fresnel. But supposedly their 12v bulb technology means longer life. Check it out: