Panasonic Has Quick Fix For P2 Beeping In The Hvx200

Just out of curiosity, can this beeping noise be described as sounding a little like crickets? I've just imported an MXF into Premiere Pro which has audio recorded from the internal mic(s), except it's on Channels 3 and 4 only (they play back fine in P2 Viewer) - but for some reason I can't yet make them active, or appear for that matter, in Premiere Pro or Vegas 8.

Using Raylight btw, tried with both proxy AVI and direct MXF import.

However, while Vegas plays naught but silence, Premiere Pro does find an audio track, but it's silent... except for this constant low level "cricket" sound. It's a 16gb card and was recorded in the top slot; is this the beeping described, or is this just crap internal interference from the camera's internal microphone making its way into the audio signal?
So I thought we had this problem fixed years ago... say around the time this thread was started. Well years later my company is still shooting with the old HVX200's and guess what? I hear that persistant beep once again the other day.

When the original problem came up, yes, we sent them in to our authorized panasonic dealer and had the firmware fix or whatever it was that was meant to fix the beep - and as far as I can recall the problem was fixed.

Flash forward a few years - I've returned from a sabatacal to the same company, and on a recent shoot I hear that oh so familiar beep. Only when I roll camera.. a couple times a second... over and over.

Now, the warranty that would have covered this repair back in 2008 has long expired, so when I heard the beep a few months back I once again sent our camera in for diagnosis and they replaced a circuit board and told me all is well.

Guess what... in a quiet room, headphones on, audio turned way up... I still hear that beep. For the love of God after all these years it's still there.

Changed cards, 16gb to 64gb and back again. Formatted cards. Tried slot #2. Different mics, everything. And my pano service centre tells me things are tip top. I even checked the audio when I picked up the camera and heard no beep. Oh no, it was cleverly masked under the ambient noise of the service centre's air con.

I've just come to accept that the beep is just there, and will be forever.

Anyone else out there just accepting and living with the beep? It would make me happy to know I'm not alone...