Pair of Pop vids.

Thanks for watching.

I conceived shot (with no crew) and edited them. One in a garage we blagged. The other in a small rehearsal room. Each was done in a single evening.

The garage I used a few lenses three redheads and a home build flouro.

Thr other was whacking a 50 1.2 and lit with a digital slide projector
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Thanks for kind words all.

Some is camera so organic its almost rotten - but that is kind of the idea :)

BTW - no post colour or effects - edit is with the blade tool only.
Just a note there are no links visible on my iPhone, I was just able to view on a desktop. Maybe you could put up links for mobile viewers?

man, that sound takes me back to the early 90s/stone roses era. Nicely done by all involved.