Paglite C6 vs Litepanel?

Re: Paglite C6 vs Litepanel?

Different tools for different purposes. The litepanel has a big broad surface, casts a nice soft light, and has practically no reach -- after your subject's maybe six or eight feet away the light power drops off to negligible.

The C6 is a tiny hard beam of light which could light something up (to some degree) 30' away. But it won't have the beautiful soft glow of the Litepanel. Litepanel is for beauty shots on interviews. The C6 is perhaps more general-purpose, it can do some things the litepanel can't, and with a sheet of diffusion over it, it may be able to approximate some of the Litepanel's look. But the litepanel draws a lot less power, you'll probably need a three or four pound battery to power the C6 for as long as the 12-oz litepanel runs on its internal battery...

Different tools for different purposes.