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I just upgraded to a DVX100A from a Sony PC100 and are using Pinnacle Plus as my editor. I know this is amateur software. Will I be able to edit the 24p output effectively with this software? Hey, I can't buy everything at once! Also could someone explain to me when to use 30 frames/sec. vs. 24?

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24p is an artistic choice. No one can tell you if it's right for what you're trying to do; it's something you have to determine for yourself.

No sub-$100 editor of any flavor edits 24p. The apps which DO are: Sony Vegas 4 or Vegas 5 (NOT Vegas Movie Studio); Premiere Pinnacle Pro 1.5; Apple Final Cut Pro 4 or higher; Avid Xpress Pro with Mojo. Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 will edit on a 24p timeline, but it will not remove pulldown (which makes it too much of a hassle to be worth it, IMHO).

HOWEVER, you CAN edit 24p footage you shoot on 60i timeline, because that's how it's recorded to tape. If you wish to do this, be sure to shoot 24p Normal, not advanced.
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Thanks, do you have a recommendation for software for editing 24p on a PC that would be the easiest transition from my Pinnacle?
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That's too subjective a question. Comes down to personal preference in the end. I would download a demo for Premiere & Vegas and see what work flow works for you. Both great programs, but handle fairly different.
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I agree with Dakota, but for an Apples vs. Oranges answer, I would say Premiere is more closely related to Pinnacle than Vegas is...