New Documentary shot on HPX171e

Danilo Del Tufo

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Hello there, this is my first attempt with HPX171e, it was released six years ago to a Film Festival, I directed this documentary about gambling and made it in very short-time.
It's based on "The Gold of Naples", a movie directed by Vittorio De Sica, hope you will like.
Italian Language.

Best Regards,

Danilo Del Tufo
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Come va, Danilo? Tutto a posto a casa?

Nice home run that one particularly with that last character, humm my friend?! ; ) Hard but very true words those ones from the Lady... Tough material... cinema work is beyond the usual visual fireworks but ability to get it to cross the road out there, nearby, much harder than based on resources of general kind ;-)

Clever musical universe built-up to flow the documentary into much distinct waters at same time. And a pleasant homage to the great italian master...

Complimenti :thumbup: ti saluto da Lisbona,

Emanuel :)
Ciao Emanuel, thanks for your compliments, I hope you're fine. This is an old documentary I shot various years ago, also I shot a concert and other things, but unfortunately I don't have footage. I just like more fictional stories, but this documentary was commissioned. Saluti dall'Italia, sei a Lisbona da molto tempo a quanto ho inteso. A presto :)