New Canon XF605!

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Hello guys! I'm sharing with you this special preview of the upcoming Canon XF605...4:2:2 10 bit camera! Less weight than XF705 and less money...stay tuned!


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The XF605 is a powerful new camcorder designed for ENG applications and for a wide range of live and recorded productions, including sports, events, documentaries, streaming, and more.

It offers a new level of performance and control to videographers who work solo.

With 15x optical zoom, professional connectivity and advanced autofocus, including eye-detection AF and intelligent head-detection technology for the first time in the XF series, this is a versatile camera that is perfectly suited to studio work or in the field.

Compact in size but equipped with a full range of controls and connections, the XF605 integrates seamlessly into live production and studio environments.

The large 1 "CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV7 processor deliver professional 4K UHD 60P / 50P shooting in XF-AVC and 10-bit 4: 2: 2 MP4 for exceptional image quality and maximum flexibility in post-production.

The XF605 is the first professional camcorder to feature eye-detection AF technology and EOS ITR AF X, an intelligent head-detection technology that enables videographers to achieve optimal results even in the toughest conditions.

Broadcast quality video

The 1 "CMOS sensor and DIGIC DV7 processor work in harmony to deliver 4K UHD 60P / 50P in XF-AVC and MP4 4: 2: 2 10-bit, as well as FHD 120P HFR for exceptional picture quality and flexibility during post-production.

Professional optics and control

Capture the finest details with the L-series 4K lens with 15x optical zoom and independent rings for zoom, focus and aperture control.

There are also three image stabilization modes, plus built-in ND and infrared filters, for added control.

Advanced autofocus

Achieve sharp focus of your subjects' eyes with eye-detection AF technology and intelligent head-detection technology via EOS ITR AF X, an innovative "deep learning" technology to detect a subject's head, even when it is not facing the camera.

Connectivity and professional streaming

The XF605 integrates seamlessly into live and studio environments, with 12G-SDI, Wi-Fi and Ethernet for IP streaming. The Content Transfer Mobile app allows you to edit news ML-G2 compliant metadata, transfer footage to your iPhone, and upload directly to FTP servers.

Intuitive controls and customization

Stay in control and customize the XF605 to your needs with independent controls and 11 assignable buttons. An improved touch screen interface allows you to quickly and intuitively control on-screen settings, menu navigation and playback control. A new multi-function slide hitch opens the doors for additional accessories with larger capacities.

Versatile recording options

Capture wide dynamic range in Canon Log 3 for greater flexibility in post-production or shoot directly in broadcast-quality PQ or HLG HDR formats. Simultaneous recording to two SD cards in different formats offers maximum flexibility for production needs.

Shared color science

The XF605 supports the same color matrices as Canon's EOS R system and Cinema EOS gamut, reducing the time required during post-production to ensure color match between camera shots of different gamuts.
The description above and Noksh*ita and Canon Rumors/etc. don't say anything about the lens' speed, so it's probably something super slow again.

Very pretty camera though.
Yes, I've contacted Nokishita in the yesterday morning, writing below its post on twitter about new camera, after that I've contacted Canon Rumors. Canon Rumors wrote me an email, while Nokishita didn't reply to me, but report the store where I've found before with the pictures, you can check my actives on twitter, they just report the local store near to my home. This time I've more information than Nokishita and Canon Rumors, because the only store that has the pictures and description of the camera it's local store near to my home.


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Usually eng cams of this genre have had fast enough glass F1.7 but the sensors were noisy and of low sensitivity. The most recent ones I've owned were the Sony PMW350 shoulder mount and before that EX1, both with 3CCD sensors, 2/3 inch and 1/2 inch respectively. 1" CMOS would seem like a game changer from what I knew. It would be great if it could handle low light with its convenience and connectivity, but I fear that is asking too much.
This is '25.5 X12' equivilent zoom which is one of the better ranges in the handycam world imo. '25.5' vs the '28' of the z90 is much better making the canon offerings the way to go.. expecially with more modern focus.