Neoscene - Mac and PC Workflow - One Step Pulldown Removal

It's working out well, just ran out of raw footage to run through it to test and compare.

Any more thoughts on the subject, Isaac? For a Mac user would you recommend Neoscene over others as a workflow preference? (if this isn't putting you on the spot).
Dear David,

I am currently testing the GH1 (NTSC Model) workflow with Edius Neo 2 (trial version) and I was also using the free utility which converts AVCHD into the intermediate CanopusHQ codec.

This works great with the 720p60 footage, but for the 1080i60 wrapper the additional 24p pulldown is required. The free utility offers some pulldown options but none of them seems to work for the GH1 specific wrapper.

Are you planning to offer a GH1 specific option for the free utility converting the 1080i60 wrapper into 1080p24 Canoopus HQ in one go?

This is a crucial buying decision for me (I am planning to buy the Edius software simply because the performance is best on my dualcore system - believe me, I've spent some hours on other products ... no crashes, fluid, very nice).

best regards, Gunther

P.S.: forgot to mention that I am on Windows Vista 32bit
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This is a message I got from David re: Edius compatibility:
Never used it. If Edius is compatible with media standards like VfW, DShow or Quicktime is might be compatible, but I don't have high hopes for it, as I think I would have heard that it works. Nothing CineForm can do, as it is up to Edius to be open.

Edius is indeed a very stable platform. I haven't had any issues with it whatsoever. AVCHD kicks my comp in the gizzards but I need to be a little more generous when it comes to memory...actually I think an i7 is in order given the drop in prices...
I'm shooting a short in a couple of months and I too am looking for the best workflow when it comes to pulldown etc.
I am finding that Premiere Elements 7 doesn't like 720 footage from the GH1 at all. I'd like to use 1080 footage and 720 footage on the same timeline (so I could shoot in whatever seemed best for the shot). I'm trialling Neoscene for the 720 stuff and PE accepts that, but the rendered result when using the PE AVCHD 1080 project preset and exporting to AVCHD is horrible - like every horizontal line is repeated twice, a kind of venetian blinds effect. Any suggestions? I realise that I'm scrabbling around at the low end of things here... Pinnacle Studio 12 does the job natively with no problem but I'd rather use PE.

Meanwhile I shall continue to experiment - the best help is self-help!
Update - I already have Elecard Converter Studio AVC HD Edition and after much preset tweaking, I seem to have got something that works with Premiere Elements for 720 footage, at least with some test material, and once rendered to AVCHD DVD it stands up well in comparison to the original. My initial concern is to get to the point where I can get stuff out of the camera, edit it, and get it onto AVCHD DVD with minimal quality loss. Making it look more filmic can follow, once I've know I can get it looking unfilmic but accurate.
Forgive my ignorance I'm just learning about chroma subsampling but how does Neoscene turn 4:2:0 into 4:2:2, wouldn't it be like taking a small image and blowing it up, essentially creating colour info that was never there.
It will still only have as much info as the original but as Neoscene is 10 bit 4:2:2 it has greater precision to place the colours in the spectra. There's no guarantee that another 8 bit 4:2:0 codec has the same division of steps which can exacerbate banding for instance. As long as you only show stuff on the web like Vimeo or YouTube it doesn't matter that much but if you aim for a nice picture on bigger tv-screens and even projection it will help. Both for grading where you have much finer steps to bend the colours too and when blurring, graining and adding other effects/elements.
Thanks Martti, I was considering buying a GH1 but the 4:2:0 codec was holding me back a bit but this sounds like a decent option if it's as good as Isaac says it is.
fix chroma ??

fix chroma ??

I tested the trial version and it properly removes pulldown. And you can tell the difference when you click "fix chroma" under processing. The footage looks visibly improved when bumped to 4:2:2, especially when it comes to banding.

finally got my GH1 and I'm just "tweaking" my workflow...Isaac where is the fix chroma tickbox ??

I'm guessing it's something that used to be there but then got removed...cause I certainly can't see it on the latest trial build.

I just bought Neoscene from (For $89 ;)) - but using trial until they sort out sending me a serial number.

It's in the latest build for the Mac - Should be right there on the processing tab, like so:


I'm loving NeoScene for converting GH1 stuff. One thing I have noticed (maybe it's been noted in this thread and I missed it) is that when you remove pulldown on a 1080/24 clip, the first 8 frames are still prone to having combing artifacts and ghosting. Fortunately no real production will ever have an issue because of this, but when you're run and gun and grabbing stuff on the fly, it can be kind of annoying.

Edit: Some other workflow stuff...

There's a QuickLook plugin (called HD QuickLook) for the Mac that lets you view a frame of the MTS file in the Finder which is very useful. It costs $7 but I find it's totally worth it. It lets you look at all your MTS files at a glance and have a thumbnail showing you their contents - makes the process much easier prior to conversion. You can of course also play the files back in your player of choice (Toast Video Player is great) but thumbnail view is even faster when you're looking for a certain clip. You can get it here.

Now if there was a way to do the same thing for the GH1's .rw2 still files. Adobe Bridge is the closest thing I know of, but I'd love having it right there in the Finder instead.

Finally, has anyone come up with an easy way to distinguish 1080p from 720p files in the Finder? Right now I'm opening the files up in Toast Video Player and then assigning them a colored label accordingly. It's kind of time consuming but necessary since you only want to remove pulldown from 1080 stuff. In the future I may consider shooting a 720 or 1080 slate before each batch of clips on shoots. Presumably everything after a slate and before the next one would then be in said resolution, making conversion easier.
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I can't make NeoScene work. I was trying the trial. I tried on 2 users on 1 machine.

It works fine up until it begins processing the clip. At that point it just spins forever, at 0 frames/0%. It doesn't crash or anything, but it doesn't actually do anything either.

Anybody else had this problem?

I've uninstalled and reinstalled NeoScene more times than I can count...deleted preferences, deleted stuff in /Library/Application Support. No dice.
>GH1's .rw2 still files.

Not in the finder but you can use Silkypix (comes with the camera) to browse folders. Also Lightroom works.

there is no fix chroma in the latest PC build - at least not anywhere I've found...perhaps it is "ticked" by default...
Anyone having success with NeoScene under Snow Leopard? It crashes for me when I try to convert something. I want to try an uninstall/reinstall but am unsure of how to proceed (do I just use AppZapper, or...?)