Neoscene - Mac and PC Workflow - One Step Pulldown Removal


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Neoscene now properly performs an inverse pulldown on GH1 footage and upsamples chroma to 4:2:2 on Mac and PC.

I tested the trial version and it properly removes pulldown. And you can tell the difference when you click "fix chroma" under processing. The footage looks visibly improved when bumped to 4:2:2, especially when it comes to banding.
With 50i, you can preserve 50i or convert to 25p using the base Neo Scene. With Neo HD you can convert to 50i/25p to 24p with audio pitch correction -- the pitch correction is a Windows option not yet ports to the Mac.
I just tried converting some mts files on my macbook pro running OS 10.5.6 and there's a few issues. First I tried the conversion with voltaic all good. When I convert the 720p "stormtroopers" file to prores or cineform there's some dirty brown patches appearing in the black background that don't appear when I use voltaic. The whole picture also appears a little less sharp/clean. Also there's some performance issues, neo scene freezes and crashes and is sluggish. Also I couldn't get it to convert anything to 25p it was either 50p or 23.98p no matter what option I chose.
That link is broken, I would like to pass the sample on, particular if you had conversion issues. Unlikely to be any color change as the conversion is a direct YUV to YUV transfer. Are you sure the other tool isn't truncating to black as YUV can hold more shadow and highlight details have stock RGB conversions. Converting 50p to 25p is not a current feature of Neo Scene, Neo HD can do that as a slow motion. Are you looking for slow motion, drop every second frame or blending frames to turn 50p to 25p?
It's hard to say because I haven't seen what the file looks like pre-conversion because it was just an mts file without the AVCHD folder so I couldn't do a log and transfer in FCP or open it in iMovie. I can see the brown patches when I convert in voltaic but they are barely noticeable whereas they are a lot more prominent using neo scene. here's where I got the file- if you get in touch with QTI he might be able to pass the file on to you.
I wasn't looking for slow motion just a method to view these damn mts files on a mac. But I'm interested in using cineform instead of prores for editing and grading. I've heard some things about final cut pro 7 and quicktime native AVCHD editing which doesn't particularly excite me because I'm not about to blow the money on a machine fast enough to deal with AVCHD. But I'm hoping that color will have quicktime support so cineform would be a viable option.
I just installed the latest VLC update and was able to view the raw mts file and can confirm that neoscene is enhancing the brown patches in the black background. voltaic appears to produce a more accurate copy of the source file.
Your VLC test is still not conclusive, as there is no color transformation during the conversion -- there is no reason one file type would do something no others do. QuickTime is notorious for gamma shifts so you might be seeing something that.
On the PC I tested VLC and Neo Scene and the color is indentical during playback and presentation. Weirdly when exporting a frame (snapshot) form VLC, it switched from 709 to 601 color, so the VLE export was wrong.
no offense but testing it on a PC isn't conclusive either. I'll upload the file that I converted in neo scene for you to have a look at shortly.
no offense but testing it on a PC isn't conclusive either. I'll upload the file that I converted in neo scene for you to have a look at shortly.

True, but the base code is the same, and VLC and Neo Scene both look correct. QuickTime issues could be at play on the Mac. Happy to look a samples, and I'll pass them on to the Mac team.
I am in the process of trying to fully test out the Mac version but it's presenting all sorts of issues. For some reason the Mac version is very buggy while the PC version works perfectly. On top of bugs the authentication process after buying the software has been a nightmare. Anyone else on Mac experiencing issues?
I only have the NeoScene evaluation version since Sunday. The GUI is indeed pretty buggy, dropping some Parameter Processing settings when deselecting the file and selecting it again, the really small preview icon has inverted colours and saving a Preset and then applying it to a file doesn't do anything. The 'Output folder' frame in Parameter Output panel is rather confusing, would be better to set paths only in the OSX save window.

I have a tip though, Toast 10 can access the Cineform codec like any other QuickTime codec you have installed. Haven't tried that option but Toast's interface is a lot more solid, has full preview playback of the .mts files and can make a short preview of the resulting file. Perhaps worth a try.

That said the quality of Cineform codec is very very good with smaller file sizes than ProRes. Pity it doesn't have real time support of colour correction or speed changes in FCP but if I would do something ending up on big screen or Blu-ray I would try to set up a workflow with Cineform.
Hey David,

I've tried the new build and it's a good thing you're replacing the authenticator because it doesn't work. I've got a serial number and a trial mode that isn't working. I bought the software three days ago and have been fighting with the authenticator with no success. Tried on two different computers with no luck registering my copy.

I've heard that the PC side works pretty smoothly from most accounts, but at the moment I'd say the Mac version is still very beta.