GH4 my Sizzle reel with a lot of gh4 in it

Dude. Great work!!

Now I don't know if you're looking for feedback or not, so...if not, cease reading here; otherwise carry on!

So this cut is waaaaay too long. You would seriously benefit by cutting out about half of the running time. You have some really iconic, stand-out shots here. Then some stuff that's well lit or framed or has some good movement. And other stuff that's just filler or old. With less time on the reel you could bring the viewer's attention to that stellar work instead of burying it in quantity. And of course keep those recognizable faces, but don't worry about story.

just my .02, keep doing your thing
Thanks man! Yeah, the only reason this one is so long is because it has so many projects that have never been on a reel of mine before. A bunch of stuff was finally released a little bit ago. I'm definitely gonna thin the hurd out at somepoint.
Amazing! Simply amazing dude!

Care to share the percentage of GH4 and lenses used. Not that it should matter. If we reach a certain point where we can stop caring about the camera and lens used and just enjoy the material that is a good thing. You say this has a lot of GH4 and if it is mixed with something else I must say I can't tell which is which.

Is the reel long? Yeah it is but I was never really bored watching it either. I wouldn't miss it if it was trimmed down and had not seen it yet but now that I have seen it I would miss whatever you take out. The length helps not only show a wide range of subject material but give evidence to just how much stunning work you have done.
Thanks Thomas!

There is like 60-80% gh4 with rokinon cine primes (MFT mount). There is a lil canon dslr in there and a red clip here and there.