HPX250: Manual Focus drifts +1 or -1


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Ok, so I though my issue last time I was shooting was my remote focus controller poti wiper was the issue with my focus drifting +/- 1 number. I shoot a performance the weekend with no remotes, just me moving the lens by hand and had the same issues. I know =/-1 does not seems like allot, but you can tell the sharpness drops. So the only thing I am doing is racking focus tight as I do not move nor is the subject from about 70 feet I see the focus at around 90 and its good. Then when zooming in and out using the right side controller my focus will bounce around 89/90/91. Even if I don't zoom in and reset my focus it will bounce at times. Any thoughts 1 number higher is fine or even lower, but not 1 higher then 1 lower.:huh:
no, at times it holds fine. If I take the ring and go max one way, then back slowly it will hold for awhile. Other times it do-sent move. I only noticed it because red in focus is lite up, then red starts lessing around the edges. I turned MF Assist off some time ago and it was hunting after I had focus.
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Ok, so today I was shooting and I noticed that around 90-91 are hard to get and stay. I turn the manual focus slowly and the numbers go up, then when they get to 90 or 91 they jump to 92 or 93, if I go beyond then back down same thing they go and when it gets to 91 or 90 (mostly 91) it jumps down, I have to go back and forth till it will lock in. Even then the number might jumps around. I do not notice the actual focus moving as far as I can tell, but most of my shots because of my distance focus at 91. I will capture it with another camera and post it. I am guessing as long as the focus does not drift with the numbers I am ok its just the poti that is bad. Anyone else have trouble holding at 91 focus or archiving it smoothly?
I also find the focus to be not as tight as I would like it to be. The wheel is so loose and soft, that just breathing at it might change the numbers (I have meters and centimeters in display).
I have a bebob foxi remote and its a lot better and not infinite which I hate.
(btw I shot a lot with a sony pdw 700 recently and it doesnt seem to have this great feature of displaying focus setting in display or VF) +1 to panny for this feature which I rely on lots of times.
I wish Panny would not make the focus so smooth and most of all with stops at both ends.
I just tried manual focus on an HPX250, and it easily and smoothly selects 89, 90, 91, etc. Locks in on any of them perfectly, no fluctuation at all, no issues at all.
Thanks, I will video when I move mine and post it. I guess its most likely a faulty poti then I just don't want to have to ship it in for repair if thats the case, oh well. If you watch the video you can see that at times I move the focus ring slowly and hit 91, then I gently stop and the numbers drop down, I then continues to turn the ring the same direction slowly and it goes higher then when it hits 91 I stop and the numbers drop back down. So basically I keep turing the ring the same direction allot to make the move. I have the same issue when using a remote, it wont lock when I stop it, and now that I play with it, its not just 91 but I see it more because I use it there. I am running manual no focus assist. Any ideas after watching the video?

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yup.....I know this behaviour but since I rarely am that much zoomed in that 1 point makes a difference, I just learned to live with it.
You are correct. When all the way in almost 1 point either makes it or breaks it. Very frustrating to have this issue as the only way to correct at times is to keep playing during videoing a live event.
This has to be the remote making some interaction as my 250 locks in focus and stays exactly where I put it. Also attached the Varizoom controller and it works as expected, focus and no changes.


Then there is something wrong with your camera. But double check that you have the MF assist in the off position and you have upgraded to the latest software.


Hello Jan,

The issue on my 250 happens when I move to lets say 91 then I remove my hand from the ring no remote connected and no Auto functions turned on. It will go to a lower number by 1, then if I turn the ring the same direction to get me 91 it might hold or might drift lower (never higher), then I keep turning the ring same direction and try going 1 number past 91 then it might stay. So basically If you watch the video I turn the ring to get my 91, the numbers jump down so I keep turing the ring same direction in the end I can turn the ring 1/4 same direction to lock in the 91. It does the exact same thing when I have the remote connected. I have upgraded to the latest firmware. The only reason I mention this is because I am almost at max distance of the zoom because of stage events and 1 number + or - can look soft because focus it not holding.