Making a Canon 5D Mark2 Short Film


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Hi Friends,
Please advice me, what are the things to care about while making a short film in 5D Mark2, Minimum lenses to be used & settings of the Video, colour correction tool also..
Technically, sound can be the biggest hurdle - most DSLRs do a crap job. No point in beautiful shots accompanied by muddy sound.
some nice shortfilms are there in youtube taken in 5D so technical quality is a most important thing...
Someone should post the importance list..
While anyone can pick up a 5D and start shooting a short.... Its very few who can do it succesfully. Wanting to is the easiest part....

But like said... Bad sound will tear any movie apart and the 5D aint exactly known for good sound.

You should also read a lot of the most excellent stickes in the creative forums...
Im a trained still photographer and thought moving to film was an up and go job. It wasnt before I started reading books like set lighting technicians handbook and the five cs of cinematography that i realised who advanced it is and how much i had to learn.