AC160 Long Record Times and FCP7


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So i ran into an issue shooting with the AC160a. I shoot a number of corporate videos that tend to last longer than one hour. On the first long shoot I did with the AC160a, I tried Log and Transferring into FCP7 and the video failed to import after a certain amount of time.

My work around has been to divvy the video up into 45 minute increments in L&T and then I stitch it back together later. Not ideal and more time consuming than I would like. I ran onto a few forum posts on other forums talking about this issue and it seems to come down to the fact that while AVCCAM has advanced, FCP7 has not.

Has anyone else run into this? And if so, what was your work around?
Just a small update - I have a Matrox MXO2 Mini Max, and when I uninstall the drivers, things seem to go more smoothly with log & transfer. Maybe this is a driver issue. I have also seen a number of people referencing that it could be a memory issue with FCP7, since it is a 32-bit program, where as FCPX is a 64-bit program.