Lightworks to go open source

I pick up on things fast but coming from Vegas, this for me is a mess of sorts. I am very much used to being able to do most of my editing on the timeline itself. Still trying to learn, but I have not had any problems importing footage yet. Gonna keep at it so I can see if this is really something I would be willing to use.
Can I go ahead and bump this? they're on like v1.03 of the beta now, seems they've worked a lot of bugs out. Anyone using it? I was rather disappointed, they made it seem it would have native support for tons of file formats. Now it seems it doesn't support ANY mpeg2 based codecs, including xdcam ex. its available at "Extra cost", however they haven't provided the add ons to even buy yet
It is still in Beta. I don't expect them to add codecs until release version. I haven't had any need to, but they say call them for other codecs, so they may or may not have support available for whatever you need. For me DV is fine for the learning curve for now. You have to add external FX packages and and titling software too. I want to add a Shuttle Pro controller to my laptop to make it more user friendly.
How are you liking it? how is the workflow/speed of editing compared to something like Premiere?

Premiere is much more efficient for me at this point because I am used to it. But I haven't done much more than ingest, preview and rough cut with Lightworks yet. Haven't had much time to play with it. Too covered up with work and house repairs. It runs very well on my Vista 64bit laptop, no problems so far. But operating with a touch pad or even a mouse is clunky. It cries out for a hardware jog/shuttle controller or console for better efficiency.
This is great, I haven't seen lightworks (or indeed heavyworks) since about 1995. Back then it was the best of the bunch but a bit pricey. It'll be interesting to see how it fairs now. Looks great. Might wait for the mac OS version though...