Just bought 3 Firestores/question about multicam recording


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For work we just bought three Firestores (FS-4 HD 40 GB) because we do a lot of Multi-Cam shoots in Mini-DV. Editing Multi-Cam in Final Cut Pro is great but if we have two hours footage each from three cameras it takes all day to capture and you have to be there every hour to change tapes.

Thus we bought the three FS-4 HDs 40GB size. It seemed that capture time would be reduced greatly. This is the e-mail that I just received from the editor who does the Multi-Cam jobs and who knows way more about computers and files than I do. It sounds disappointing but my research and talking to the Focus Enhancements people indicated that it wouldn't be this challenging. I'm also contacting Focus Enhancements but I know
that often there are forum members who are sharper than the manufacturers on some things. Does anybody have any answers to the dilemma in the e-mail below?

It failed. Completely failed. 24 minutes is dropped into 9 minute file segments. Oh, then you have to drop them sequentially into the time line, export it into as a quick time to a Lasie drive, then reimport each file into the time line and sync it. The external sync doesn't matter with time code because it's no longer relevant once you do this hell and high water.

What it is is some sort of PHAT file. It's the only file format that talks to both PC and Mac. They should have formatted two kinds of drives. One as Mac the other as PC.So to have it talk to both the files are limited to 9 minutes. 9 minute clips that you have to piece together then export, turn to a quick time, bring back in and sinc.

Guys, it's all the same. Card or drive. The only good news is that 25 minutes worth of video takes about 2 minutes to convert. It's better than tape but not what we thought.