In your opinion who is one of the best HDSLR Cinematographers on DVXUSER site

i'd watch the finalists from the last two dvxfests, at least... There are some good films (and winners) in there that were shot on t2i, 7d, gh1, etc... Plus, it's people actually using them to tell a story, as opposed to compilation clips set to music (which are cool, too, but there is an abundance of those on the internet)...
I dont think im "the best" by any means and wouldnt consider myself an "HDSLR cinematographer" but Ive had the chance to use HDSLRS on some cool projects (if your just looking for hdslr use references):

(~50% dslr)

I think Kholi & Zak Forsman are pretty darn good with dslrs, you can probably do a google search and find some of their films.
I like your use of veiling and low contrast there Hunter! Very chique.

Mmm yeah as with Hunter, I'd also say vouch for macgregor, mattsand, martin lang, matthew bennet, rich lee, and pveal's works on here...
Matty Garrett shot Dispatch for Fat Monster on a GH1 (pre-hack) and don't forget about Knoli.
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Can I vote for myself? But seriously I like Hunters and Mathews work. Zak Forsman has done some good narrative work. Mike Kobal has done some nice work too. Then there's the Bloomin pom. Kholi is no slouch either....the list goes on.

There still isn't a huge amount of good DSLR films out there....but I'm working on it.
There are are story tellers - not me - people like Chris who did the Black Keys vid - and camera techs

Just been cutting my reel - some grabs - fairly tech considering a zero budget, I love playing with these cams and trying to do ' the expensive' on the cheap

Please dont quote the image !

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Hunter Hampton Richards is as close to someone who seems to share my own visual sensibilities as I've been able to find. Meaning, he shoots the way I would in terms of composition, color, playing with the light, organic camerawork, and an eye for the sublime. I rarely see reels that display this kind of artful execution. He shoots 35mm, Super16, RED and DSLR, and that says alot to me. Like the difference between the editor who insists he can only cut on an Avid and the editor who is an editor first. This guy is a cinematographer first. Would love to meet him in person and see if we click creatively one day.
here's another shooter that uses DSLRs that I like. Adam Wingard.

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