HVX 60P Log and Transfer Problem


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I did a shoot this weekend with the HVX200 on P2 cards that needed to be in 60P. I filmed the shoot on the Recording Setting 720/60P setting and sometimes 720/24P setting. I learned after, of course, that I should have filmed on 24PN and changed the scene file to 60 FPS. But that is only half my problem.

When I try and import any of the footage from the CONTENTS files in the Log and Transfer window in FCP6, it only imports have of the clip. In the log and transfer playback, it plays in real-time, but when I transfer it to the FCP browser it is labeled at 23.98 yet plays at a weird blurred 60 FPS. The only sound that comes through is the first five seconds of the sound...

Can anyone think of a way to transfer the full clip? I have all of the Contents/text files, but can't make them into a full movie. Could it just be my version of FCP? I can't seem to find the frame rate converter that some people talk about on FCP.

I hope someone can help. I'm pretty bummed about it.
The Frame Rate Converter is under the Tools menu if you're running FCP6 and if you're running anythign else you have to install it. It's located in the extras folder on the install DVD.
When you say "when I transfer it to the FCP browser it is labeled at 23.98 yet plays at a weird blurred 60 FPS" what do you mean? can you export and show us an example? I think that will help a lot more. footage shot at 720p24 60framerate will play back as 30fps, giving it that video look until you convert it to 60fps via frame rate converter.
Now that I don't know, I was trying to find the same for me and I just ended up getting pissed off and buying webspace and using my own space for my hosing. I'm sure someone will know where to post something
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I can't get the clip small enough to email.

Honestly, the blurred frames are not the biggest problem. What I can't figure out is why it transfers from the log and transfer window only half way. For example, if the duration of the clip is 7 seconds in 24 frame/real time. Then as a transfer it into FCP 6 it only captures 7 seconds of 60 p slow motion.

It seems like all of the frames are there in the contents folder, but I just cant get them into quicktime to edit. I guess the computer is doubling the frames, but keeping the duration the same.