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Just had a hands on with a (pre-production) European HPX250....

In the studio the images were very impressive. The wide angle lens is just DELICIOUS. Its larger than the HVX200 but not hugely so. Didn't have time to really give it a good going over BUT 2 things that I did notice were the battery compartment looks very VERY fragile and you need to re-boot between codec's.

Are we gonna get an HPX250 forum topic?
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Sorry don't have a HMC-150 but compared to the HVX200 its a definite improvement. It was a touch bit "snappy" especially in the start-up. Was told that this was definitely pre-production i.e. 75% there so things might change.

Thanks David looks like Panny are starting to get there arses in gear with regards this cam so hopeful loads more info will start coming out oner the next few weeks.
Does any codec change require the reboot? That is, does switching from avc-intra100 to avc-intra50 require the reboot or is it just a switches between avc-intra and the non avc codecs?
We had a visit from panasonic with the ac160 and will be posting some footage early next week. It's the same size as the hpx250 and it is BIG.
The basic image 'appeared' hugely better (sharper) than the HVX as for noise levels... I wasn't able to do any meaningful tests. Panny rep was being very watchful saying its 'pre-production'
No! not all...also want to say that like the HVX the camera has to be in the correct codec to play a clip back.