hpx170 footage ?

Well the GH2 is Cmos and the HPX170 is CCD. That might account for the distortion in the vertical lines in the buildings, and auto grills as well as the pin stripping jaggies in the first half of the video. Footage in the 2nd half of the video doesn't seem to display that issue. Might try changing to a 720p timeline and outputting at a higher bit rate around 15000kbs and see if that removes some of the macro blocking in the asphalt.
ok so I did what you said I conformed the seq. to 720 with a hpx 960x720 clip, also added 2 1280x1080 hpx files at end and outputted to DVCProhd 720 60p, then , mpegstream clip 15000kbs. im uploading it now

edit: got any mpegstream clip settings to use? its happening when i compress it with that.
That's a 7 min video. I'm not looking at the entire video and trying to figure out what looks wierd to you. Point is more specificaly to some parts of the video or post some frame grabs.
like ive said before the beginning of the video looks strange with aliasing lines around the cars ect.. i mixed 720/1080 hpx and gh2 footage, then when it comes out of mpegstream clip to reduce size it looks like shit, What is correct way to out put those formats in FCP or Premiere pro to get clean looking image....