How to connect Canon T6 camera to computer?


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I recently became the owner of a great Canon T6 camera with an adequate price. I bought this camera from a friend. I like the quality of the photos and videos she takes. But I had a problem transferring files from the camera to the PC. It happens that the transfer process stops and nothing happens. I'm reading info on how to connect a Canon T6 camera to a computer to securely transfer your files. So far, I connect the SD card separately to the PC, but it's not very convenient.
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the usual thing is put the card in a reader.. yes annoying but usually works.

otherwise maybe reaed up on any apps canon or third parties make and try them.
It's far more annoying, more hassle, offers slower transfer speed, and creates unnecessary wear and tear when you use the camera. That is intended for emergencies only. Using a card reader is the right way to do it.