How many still using the HMC 150/151?

I am still using and I love it.
What is wrong with it?
It works well , it is still a great camera.
Why should we be obsessed to buy the last camera if we don't need it? Hmc 150/151/152 is robust but light, has many functionalities, many options, wonderful ergonomics. Honestly in the last "fake" videocameras that look like photocameras I don't see many advantages a part great sensor and interchangeable lenses. An Hmc can be still useful, let's not be slave of obsession to be updated with last fantastic product.
Bought mine new and still using it for legal work, e.g. Day in the Life and video settlement brochures, (I rarely take on deps), and other occasional work. With the legal field being slow to need the latest tech like 4k or more, I'm not likely to give mine up soon. When I need a 2nd camera, I still use my HVX, even though it doesn't provide date/time stamp.
Just shot another event with a couple HMC150s. Also used the AC90A. The AC90A really reminds me how lacking the 150s look in outdoor 1080p footage, yet how nice it is to have sufficient built-in ND.
My HMC-150 is still going strong. Last real camera with a CCD (that's affordable).

Dropped the HMC-40 and it was toast. Battery holder area broke.
Whoa, it's December 2020, still using the HMC-150!

Just looked at the B&H website. Looks like mild improvements on the CMOS cameras, but no new imaging chips.
I'm still using 3 of them. But mainly just for low and lowish budget events. Still love CCD but man, these cams look really low res nowadays.
I'm looking for reasons to keep my HMC-150 which I use for events (recitals, weddings), but I'm using them less and less because I'm using the other cams more. Considering selling them.

I have:
(3) AG HMC-150
(2) AG AC90a
(3) AG-UX180 / HC-X1

The AC90s are poor indoors (worse than 150) but sharp outside and I can hand them over to inexperienced shooters for outdoor events and get good footage, so I'm thinking of keeping them.

The 150s do pretty well indoors but are low res outdoors, and poor LCD screens make color, focus and exposure more tricky. They cannot do 1080 60P.

The HC-X1/UX180 also have poor LCD screens which make color, focus, exposure tricky and are no better in low light than the 150, and autofocus is no better or worse. Love UHD flexibility but the color seems less pleasing than 150 and 90

Going to watch reviews on the new HC-X2 and see how much improved it is. I'd like to sell all the above and buy some X2s but I sometimes have multi-cam events happening same time at different locations so I need at least 2 pairs of matching cameras and can't afford 4 HC-X2s.

I'm tired of working around the frustrating limitations of all these cameras so a remedy X2 is tempting if the LCD screen is good, face track autofocus works etc.
Is there any good reason I'm not thinking of to keep the HMC150?