GH5 How interested are you in a GH6 anymore?

What if lacks in sensitivity if makes um for in its industry leading anamorphic support. Open gate 5.7k 4x3 is insane. Realistically I doubt many could tell the difference between 5.7k upscale to 8k vs true 8k from the Canon R5. Especially if shooting anamorphic.

this is the camera to beat if one lights their productions and manually focuses. A narrative project using cine lenses, anamorphic lenses and a good lighting setup is going to love this camera. Maybe. We still have to see how it looks compared to a cinema camera.

speaking of the AF the depth map thing is fascinating but it sounds like 24p users still are not going to be wowed.

external ProRes raw is exciting but why mention only the Ninja V+? Couldn’t they also support lower resolutions on the Ninja V?
BTW the 5.7k open gate is 4320 tall which is exactly the 8k height. So an anamorphic only needs to stretch the width from 5760 to 7680. This could easily manage a 8k anamorphic project. Easily. Even with a modest 1.33x anamorphic lens.
Atomos has a history of upgrading their recorders with just a little more power each year or so. I thought the V would be discontinued by now but it's still kicking.

They probably could have supported lower resolutions but partnerships and contractual agreements aside, Atomos wants the V+ to be purchased.
What FF cameras are on Netflix?
It's not what I said. It's in competition with mirrorless FF cameras that are similarly priced so they have create some sort of reason why you'd want it over those cameras and Netflix is their idea.
Just finished watching the review. So I was right about them not fixing the AF. Over all despite my criticism it is a nice camera and if someone gave it to me I'd be happy to use it.
Death from Defocus

The easiest path to increased sales is from the existing customer base. That base already owns M43 lenses. That is why Panasonic didn't need to outdo Sony or Canon. They just needed a camera that fixed what was truly broken. OM-1 has 3 times as many AF points and it is phase detect. It doesn't have all the frame rates or costly media needs of the GH6. It's a case Best (GH6) being the defeated enemy of good enough (OM-1). So OM-1 matches GH6 IBIS, has great looking 10 bit 422 4K 60P (good enough), sensible codecs and bit rates and lower media costs, and over a thousand cross type phase detect AF points covering the whole frame.
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they cant fix the af because of intellectual property.
These companies all don't tell the truth. Panasonic told the reviewer they didn't because it hurt image quality yet Sony and Canon seem to do just fine. Canon for instance said they removed IBIS in the R5c because strangely enough IBIS hurts image quality too despite it not being an issue in the R5 or Panasonic. Canon for months after the release of the R5 wouldn't address the over heating. Then they release firmware that improved the over heating, meaning they had a software cripple built in. They have never addressed it nor would I ever expect them to come clean.

Like I said before it doesn't matter the reason why they won't fix the AF. They could have secret agreement with Sony not to implement it, although it's unlikely. Panasonic isn't a threat to Sony especially their M43. It's more likely a hubris thing to admit after all these years they were wrong.
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It's not a secret, it's a contract. We're not privy, but it's a normal business agreement.

"Here's a sensor. And here's a list of things you can't do with it that our cameras are already doing."

"Deal? Okay, great."


"Canon, want a sensor?"

We're good. We make our own.
It's not a secret, it's a contract.

"Here's a sensor. And here's a list of things you can't do with it that our cameras are already doing with it."

"Deal? Okay, great."


"Canon, want a sensor?"

We're good. We make our own.

The OM camera I believe uses a Sony sensor and it uses phase detect. Conspiracy or contracts is easier to believe than dull reason that Panasonic just don't want to implement it.
Not a conspiracy...that's what we call a different contract.

Businesses assess their competition (and customer base) and partners and potential acquisitions.

As far as we know, Sony may buy Olympus. [Not saying they will or that's something I ever heard, or IDK why they would even do that, but just saying.]

You never know in business and what's really going on, but having no desire to implement it is ludicrous, haha.
Sony was a stockholder in Olympus a while ago (10%, IIRC). They sold it. At a loss, one presumes.

And, yes, Olympus/OMD has had both phase detect and contrast detect on their cameras - EM-1 MKIII had 121 of each - but the auto focus still wasn't very good. That's why their high end camera flopped.

PS. The Potato Jet review video posted on the main page in the "GH-6 Pro-res" thread shows a lot of background pulsing. Anything's that's well lit goes in and out. Daytime or night.
oh, well - it is what it be.

Maybe now the conversation can focus on all of the good the camera does.
Chris and Jordan have posted their review. I think I might get this camera just in case I need to get a slow mo shot of someone hitting my face with a snowball.

The last thing I'll say I'm not a fan boy. I would be critical of any camera if they didn't address a major issue. The majority of my work I use manual focus. But I will say the main reason I would use a small camera like this would be for gimbal work which I would want a great AF system. Speaking of that it's funny how all these mirrorless cameras that bragged how much smaller and lighter they were than DSLR have with each new model gotten bigger and heavier. The GH6 is now a pretty big and heavy camera for a M43.
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Yeah if one wants and needs the best AF they should look elsewhere. The GH6 provides a crap load of other benefits.

while I myself have switched to a R6 I’m frankly surprised AF has become such a critical feature and so many are willing to sacrifice so much to get it. My own AF needs have more to do with my older crappy eyes and shooting family/vacation stuff. The R6 is ironically the better hybrid family camera and the GH6 is the more professional camera.

I get people have different needs but the whole harping on the AF thing is getting old. It is what it is and will never be perfect. Deal with it or move on. I honestly know more m43 users using cine glass that’s fully manual than any type of AF support so I guess I never saw the point from that perspective. My own personal needs are unique to me and I can’t moan about it all day. I moved on.

I think the GH6 is an amazing camera and for narrative it’s hard to beat in the hybrid space. For anamorphic it’s untouchable and no anamorphic lens I know of has AF. For cine lens use the GH6 is phenomenal.

the one key detail of the GH6 is it does everything it does with no limit or overheating. I love my R6 but I know it will overheat. That scares me and honestly I’m not sure I can ever trust it for people work. Again it’s really my family camera which may seem odd but it is. My P4k is still my pro camera. Which by the way has no AF at all and sells insane amount of units.
If one wants quality high frame rate shooting - sports, action, BiF - and already has a lot of MFT Panasonic glass, it seems a good choice that can also dabble in more creative narratives with its anamorphic features and 5.7 Pro-Res. But then one really has to be aware of the lighting or be able to shoot manually..

Overall though, this is becoming a question of timing - at what point does one make a switch to Sony or Canon? I say that if one can afford R5/C, then now is as good a time as any. The resale value of the MFT glass isn't going up. Sony has a pretty decent alternative for the landscape, real estate, portrait, wedding, corporate shooters in A7IV but its slow rolling shutter doesn't make it a standout in the areas where GH-6 ought to excel (gee, what a surprise).

APS-C also seems to be an extinct specie, currently solely an entry level model. Or a Fuji domain.