How do you store your camera gear?


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I have amassed a semi large collection of video gear. Some small (Batteries/chargers/cords) some large (fs100/tripods/sliders). How do you all store your stuff. I have a small bedroom that I call my office. I am thinking of getting some type cabinet that has different sized doors that I can put a lot of stuff into. But I am searching.

Also, how do you pack when you travel? Do you use a hard case? If so, is it small enough that you can carry it on the plane?

In the office it's all shelves and I have a stack of different bags for the gear. Cameras have their own pelican cases, lenses have another but they could travel in anything from those to a soft case. All depends where I'm going and how much stuff I feel like carrying. For flights I try to get all the camera gear in a carry on sized Kata bag and everything else goes in padded bags that in turn go into a rigid suitcase that gets checked in.

I've yet to find a one storage solution for all situations.
My basic storage is 'really useful boxes' - cheap enough to buy and they stack which is super important in the corner of a small office etc

Inside those 'really useful boxes' are my actual shoot kit - billingham bags

under the mattress. keeps it safe.

i use a mix of bags/boxes, as well as things like these:

it does take up more space to separate stuff into storage like that, but it makes it more convenient to assemble a shoot kit, since i don't always bring the same stuff to each new shoot. especially since i've got tons of little nicknacks.
Great topic! I have a small office. But it's spilling into basement spaces and other rooms. The only thing I've really figured out is colored pelican cases. Different colours for video, sound and light. And I have this lovely Think Tank international airport carryon bag that rolls on to planes all over the world.
+1 (no, +100) for ThinkTank bags. For me, it's all about bags.

I keep all my gear in specific kit bags - the EX1 kit, the C100 kit, the FS100 kit. All these bags are ThinkTank Airport Accelleration backpacks.

There's a bit of sharing (I only have one 416, some L-Glass goes from C100 to FS100), but the point is that I should be able to get a phone call, pick up a bag and go on an assignment. The deal I have with myself is that every 'kit' has charged batteries, blank media, enough sound to solve a problem (e.g. stick mic, lav mic).

The DSLR kit has two bags - minimum and maximum - is the DSLR a backup or the only camera you're bringing?

The Devil's in the Details - there's a WindJammer for the Zoom with the DSLR kit, plus a 20dB pad so I can just about get a Line level signal into it. Things like this LIVE IN THE BAG. I don't want to have to run around the house or the office packing bags when I get a call saying 'can you do a talking head in a bar tomorrow' or 'can you do an interview at Heathrow airport in 90 minutes' (things like that happen).

I also have Peli-cases (I prefer the Hardigg ones). They are spectacularly great for things like lighting kits, but they add a lot of weight, which is a problem if you fly a lot. I've used Hardigg cases for things like external recorders and IP camera kits, but this is for slinging in the back of a van rather than flying (which - in the UK a t least - charge per bag, not per Kg).

I use one of these from Home Depot, $70 bucks. (Most of my gear is in various duffel bags or cases) The Zaza Slider resides on the top floor. :Drogar-BigGrin(DBG)

Also worth noting, I have a cart called a RocknRoller for transporting everything to shoots. (I often work as a one man band…makes my life easier rolling through various offices & such)

Great thread. Makes me realize it's time to do some spring cleaning. My work/storage area is a disaster.
Metal, lockable storage cabinet or Filling cabinets. Anything that can be locked. Make sure you leave some desiccant packs in there though to absorb moisture and humidity, I usually just use the packs from vitamin and supplement bottles.