How do I add these effects? Totally stuck!


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Hi everyone!

I'm a beginner at slowly trying to learn After Effects and I'm currently attempting to try and edit a little video I'd decided film since I've been stuck at home for so long but i's not going too well.

I'm trying to work out how to start with the effects travelling up my arm and then at the shot pans upwards to then see the lightning effect travel up from my neck to beginnto appear on my face before I turn my head for the effects to continue covering my face. I'm struggling to work out how to set the effects on my neck and one side of my face for when I turn my head because I've tried a few times and the perspective of the effect messes up as my head turns. Does the fact that I've turned my head really make it that much more difficult?

Sounds like you're applying the effect in 2D, which is fine for the arm (because it's a flat plane), but the head rotation will probably require working in 3D space with a bit of masking to convincingly reveal the effect.

I don't use AE so I can't tell you exactly how this works but I'd try searching for tutorials like "applying particle effects to 3D shape" to get started