How can I know the names of the DVX200 scene files I loaded to camera ???


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Dear All
I have loaded the panasonic 18 scene file for the DVX200 and everything is fine but
when I wanted to choose the same scene file that is similar to DLSR scene in UX180 I can not say which is the DSLR scene in DVX200 because
the nsame of scene files did not appear in DVX200 as UX180 ?

Can you help to find a way to know the names of the DVX200 scene files .

I have attached the DVX scene files that I got .


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The only suggestion I have is to write them down on a sticker (with the number assigned to them) and attach it to the camera. This was one of the things that really frustrated me. Seems they would give you an option to label the files so you have a reference to what is loaded into the camera.

- Alan
I have this problem also. I downloaded last year some scene files with the "GH4 still like scene file" to match with my GH5S. I think it was my scenefile 4 but I can't remember. So where can I check these "standard" settings so I know which scene files I had downloaded?
Maybe I can help you, maybe. I have owned three Panny Handycams but not a DVX200. All had the ability to edit the names of the scene files. When you edit or load a scene file, you must be sure to save it otherwise it will revert to the previously saved scene file as soon as you turn the cam off. All my cams have had the ability to store 6 files. If you loaded one and for whatever reason didn't have a different name you will need to look at all the scene file contents and compare the default or existing settings to the new file. Once you have determined the location of the new file, you can rename it, and save it.

Barry Green, one of the founders of DVXuser has written a detailed book about the DVX200. Scratch up a copy (might be out of print so think eBay) as it will be a literal bible on use of the cam. Though old now, I still use his book about the HPX170 for general information as all the Handycams are similar in nature.