HIDDEN HILLS Feature Film Shot With FS100

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Hidden Hills Feature Film Shot With FS100


Thought everyone here would be interested in seeing the trailer for a film that I produced this year called "Hidden Hills"

It was Written and Directed by Dan Steadman. Brett Frager was the keen eyed Cinematographer, and we shot this zany period comedy with a message, in about 16 days, mainly on my stage at ThiaMedia Studios in Glendale California. Green screen was used for the beach, the driving scenes in the car, and the golf course.

Technically we kept it simple, as the whole film was shot with an FS100 directly onto SD cards in glorious 8-bit color with no external recorders. As an exercise in simplicity, it was mainly shot on a dolly with the standard kit lens with the exception of the golf course background plates that were shot hand held using a Fig Rig and the Sony 16mm 2.8 pancake lens. A 23 inch computer monitor with HDMI input was often used for framing and focus.

We used good old Mole Richardson Hollywood lighting and plenty of power for a high-key comedy look, at 24P, usually shooting on stage at a stop of 5.6 or 8 using the standard Sony Picture Profile #6
For the final edit, Brett used Blackmagic Design DaVinci for color correction, however here is a non color corrected version of the trailer for your enjoyment...


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Ridgefield Playhouse? thats my neck of the woods. Interesting choice for your East Coast screening.

The "driving" green screen shot is priceless & I would like to hear Jane Wiedlin's soundtrack.