Help with 24p in avid

:( I am sure that this has been answered before, but I can not find it any where on line. So here we go, I shot my feature film over the summer with a dvx100, and now I am just about done with it. I shot it with the "F5 settings" captured everything to a 23.976 fps project.

I am trying to export few clips for some after effects treatments, and I keep getting these interlaced lines on the clips, its really bugging me, because I exported everything "UNCOMPRESSED" quicktime movie, but I am still getting the problem.

My project is 23.976 fps, under my "Film and 24P settings" I have advanced 2:3:3:2 pull down selected, so if anyone can help please responed to this ASAP, i really need to figure this thing out soon.

Oh here is a link to a grab of the problem i am having.

Screwed up:
frame right after screwed up:

PS: When I export the thing in AVI I get no interlacing, but I hate the AVI compression its digital, all the lines are sharper.
What version are you running? There were some codec issues in the v.4 early 5 series that had export problems with the DV codec. As a test to verify this, take a sequence of 8-10 frames that has motion and transcode it to 28:1 and export a JPG again and let us know if there is still an interlace issue.

I am running Avid 5.2.2. I am not sure how you would transcode somthing to 28:1, I will look it up. But you know what else is really strange, when I export the files as TIFF sequences, it has interlacing in it as well, I am not sure why, I mean its a TIFF sequence, not suppose to happen to a picture sequence.

sounds like the DV codec issue. Transcode is available under the clip menu as part iof the consolidate selection.