HPX250: Help, My Phantom Power has Failed


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I'm distressed because the microphone phantom power has suddenly failed on my Panasonic HPX250 camera.

Any external mic that requires phantom power doesn't work any more (My main shotgun mic is a Rode NTG1).

I tested the microphones elsewhere, and they all work. But plugged into my HPX250 the they don't work... no sound, nothing on the meters. I checked that all the 48v switches at the top front of the camera are in the upper On position. I plugged in an old Shure singer's microphone (which doesn't require phantom power) and it worked just fine.

I need to be outside shooting later today, but without phantom power the camera is useless. Has anyone had this problem? Any ideas about what to do?
In a desperate effort to keep working productively, I ran out and bought a Zoom H5 audio recorder.

I then attached it to the top handle of the HPX250 using a metal spigot, like this one...

But it's a somewhat clunky solution to get around the failure of my HPX250's phantom power. After searching, I couldn't find examples of anyone else who has had the same problem. In a couple of weeks I'll have some planned downtime, and send my camera back to Panasonic for repair. I'll post back here when I find out what was wrong with it.

It's been a rather expensive day for me today.