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we got a shoot coming up in a couple of weeks and was wondering what people like using for headphones to monitor sound?
Still using MDR-7506s for the last, I believe now, 9 years.

Probably ancient by now in terms of new technology, but they are legendary...and probably one of my better investments in life.

[Actually recently ordered new earcup covers for them after DIYing some covers for the last 2 years.]
+1 for the MDR7506. I also use the Shure 215 in ear when the environment is a bit noisy but they’re a bit of a pain to put in at first. When they’re in place you can’t hear anything else though, they’re good value I think.
I use the Sony 7506; been using them for, I don't know, 25+ years now. They're available for US$100 from everyone and are one of the standards. I have several pairs. I find them slightly fatiguing, but that's related to their ability to emphasis handling, rustling, wind, and other noises I don't want on my tracks. Basically, if I'm happy with what I'm hearing through 7506 headphones while on location, everyone will be happy with the tracks in post.

All mine have Garfield Headphone Softies, which I think make them more comfortable in hot and humid, cold and crisp, and alternatively alliterative weather. And I can distinguish mine (both that I'm wearing and that I'm loaning) from others on set. But it's mainly a comfort issue. And style... But not a requirement, imo.

Are you shooting and monitoring or strictly doing audio? When I'm shooting and need to monitor, like when I'm receiving wireless from the bag, I use my custom IEM. But if I'm doing audio only(out of the bag), then I'm usually using true headphones(Ultrasone Pro 900's). Personally, I don't know how people shoot(especially off-the-shoulder) while wearing actual over the ear headphones. Whenever I see people in the field doing that, I automatically think: house cat that gets out once or twice a year or not a dedicated shooter(although I have a friend that did used to shoot out in the field with over-the-ear headphones and I still don't know how he did it).

Also, was never a fan of the much-lauded 7506's. I used to run 7509's, but Sony discontinued them years ago(but still have two pair).
Same here, MDR7506. I'm on my second pair. Just ordered replacement ear pads. The ones that came with the headphones are worn out.
Been using the Sony 7506 model since 1991. The lower cost consumer model MDR V6 is 'almost' identical in sound and hardware. Both can take lots of abuse. They suck though for listening to music, if you are looking for multi-purpose work/home HPs,
Another MDR-7506 user here. I have two pair of standards, and one of the Remote Audio mod with a condenser boom mic.

I do have a pair of the Sennheiser HD-280 Pro. They sound fine, but they’re terribly uncomfortable. They’re big and bulky, and just make me feel clumsy when I’m wearing them, and the yokes on the ear cups stick out so much that I have a tendency to hit them with my boom pole because I forget how wide they really are.
I bought a set of the HD-280 HD a few years ago, but after using the the Sony 7506 for many years, they sounded 'foreign', were physically uncomfortable, (for me) and too bulky to comfortably rest on my neck between takes. That said, lots of other pros like them. HPs are a personal choice for comfort and sound. I usually advise folks to audition as many of the popular sets for location sound as they can.
I mod my 7506s. I put a 3.5mm socket on the headphones so I can use different length cables. I replace the coiled cable with a straight cable. I have different length cables that are just long enough for plugging into a wireless receiver or the recorder.
I mod my 7506s. I put a 3.5mm socket on the headphones so I can use different length cables.
Another common modification are the ear pads, there are four or five replacement varieties, including the Garfield Softie covers (warm in the winter and cool in the summer) which fit 'over' the pads.