Hardware and software for GH5?

I have not had any luck with the 4K UHD 30p 10 bit 422 150mbps footage in either Resolve 12.5, Vegas Movie Studio 14 or Vegas Pro 14

The only software I know on PC that can play 10 bit 422 is MPC-HC 64bit build 1.7.11

All the older formats and the newer 4K UHD 60p 8 bit 4.2.0 150mbps work just fine in all my software.

Cheers, Pete
On my older build the only program I have that will open and do anything with the 10 bit is ProDrenalin. I loads and play fine but exporting results in a 8 bit file either MP4 or MOV so I am not sure that I gained anything over just shooting in 8 bit to begin with.

When I look at the footage before exporting I think I can see more details in the shadows in 10 bit compared to the same thing shot in 8 bit. Need to test more to confirm that and whether if true it would hold up when exporting to 8 bit.
I use premiere CC 2017 on a 1700x Ryzen PC with GTX 1060 and 32gb ram + win 10, have to convert the 10 bit files to DnxHR in AME otherwise it'll crash Premiere. Even when converting, I have to let AME fully load all the thumbnails before doing anything like changing convert settings otherwise AME will crash...

However the raw 10 bit files will play smoothly and without problems in vlc while the converted DnxHR files will only play sound and show no video unless in Premiere...