GH6: I need to shoot remotely


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Hi, I have a GH6 camera but I still don't know the GH6 very well and I don't understand, despite having read its manual. Should I shoot stills and video remotely. The GH5 did this and I also have the cable with the jack, but I don't understand if I can use it in the GH6, I don't see the connection for the jack. Thanks for some info.
I have a Pixel Oppilas remote control that I got from Amazon or B&H, and I just confirmed that it works with the GH6. This remote has a small receiver unit that mounts on the camera's hot shoe, with a short cable with 2.5mm plugs that connects from the receiver to the camera. The GH6's remote jack is in the same location it is for my GH3 and GH5: on the side with the memory cards, at the top. There is a handheld transmitter that you use to trigger the camera. I had no problem getting it to work with my GH6.

Here's a link to this remote control on Amazon, where it currently sells for $27: Pixel Oppilas RW-221/L1

Of course, Panasonic has a cellphone app that can control the GH5 and GH6 using WiFi. I've had hit-and-miss luck getting that to work with my GH5, and I have not tried it on the GH6. The good news about the cellphone app is that it is free. I think there are two versions of the app, and I don't know which one is best for the GH6 -- it probably says in the manual.