GH5 Gain in Log Mode

GH5: Is there way to have -6 dB or -12 db gain in V-Log on GH5?

ISO speeds are essentially equivalent to standard video gain settings. I am pretty sure that 0 gain with the GH5 is 400 ISO when shooting V-Log L, but I am not sure how the dB scale relates to ISO setting? ( ISO 200 = -6 dB ? )
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I was asking for "- 6 dB" (minus/negative) not 6 dB. I can set it -6 or -12 in normal modes, but not in Log. Anyone knows how to do it (set to -6dB or -12dB) in Log? It is for video work not stills.
You don't want to shoot in the "- dB" because you are loosing dynamic range and therefore defeating the point of shooting in log, that is probably why it is not available when in log mode. Standard practice is never go below ISO 400 or 0 dB. Why are you wanting/needing to shoot in the "- dB"?
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You'll want to utilize an ND filter instead if you're trying to stop down the exposure.

If you're trying to clean up any perceived image noise, 400 / 0db is as low as you go. And already looks quite clean.
Is it true that, when one uses low gain, but the open aperture still gets to 80% (max possible in VLog -L) then you are getting the full dynamic range?