GH4 GH4 "Cinematic Test"


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A quick real world application test of the GH4 and various lenses to get that "cinematic" look.

Actor: Kimberlee Peterson-Riolo ( )

GH4 / 24fps / 3840x2160
CineD (all -3)
Vision Color Osiris M31 LUT with minor corrections to skin tone
Panasonic (leica) 42.5 f1.2
Panasonic (leica) 25 f1.4
Sigma 18-35 f1.8
Metabones speedbooster (nikon mount)
Cool test. Looks really good. Would have been handy to have which lenses were used in each shot in a lower third. I am trying to decide on lenses. I have a few Canon L zooms and a Speedbooster on order, plus a Pana 12-35 and 35-100 and a 17.5mm .95 lens. Considering which to go with, either a Rokinon DS set for EF with the Speedbooster or the Leica 42.5 native. All great lens. I will be doing a similar test soon. Thanks.
@ Newadam -

The Panasonic Leica 42.5 is by FAR the sharpest lens and probably the best m4/3 lens that can be owned IMHO. It's a bit costly and it hurts when you swipe the card to buy it, but buyers remorse flys out the window the first time you use it. Really awesome and cinematic DOF. When I have it on the camera I have a hard time taking it off!!!!! Plus it takes stunning still pictures that have that professional look and feel.

Keep in mid that that it acts like 98mm lens @ 4K with the 2.3x crop. The opening scene, the scene with Kim walking across the street and along dumpster are all shot on the 42.5 wide open a f1.2

That all being said, you cannot go wrong with the Sigma 18-35 because you effectively get a bunch of focal lengths in one if you use the Metabones as well as an adapter with aperture control (at least on nikon mount) Make sure you get a metabones SB...all other SB's are crap knockoffs.

The Sigma 18-35 is SUPER heavy....but look what you get:

@ 1.62 crop 4k W/ Speedbooster: 29-56
@ 2.3 crop 4K W/O speedbooster and using standard adapter: 41-80