FS100 and Lomo anamorphic

some shots looked good, but a bit too soft as expected from square lomo anamorphics
wasn't impressed with the story or concept
I dug it. Those lomo's take the sharp "Sony" look out of the equation. What a stellar combo, and a fun short to boot. Congrats.
I only used the 35mm squarefront, which is reeeaalllll soft, and the 75mm round (which is much better compared). I didn't want anything to look too sharp and digital for this, so I tried to shoot at an F4. Sorry to disappoint you with the story, we pretty much figured out what we were going to shoot on the ride up to the location, since we did this during downtime from another film.
The story was okay, kept me watching. Was torn between liking the arbitrary ending and feeling ripped off for investing the time. Being short I'm leaning in favour of the former, had it been a second longer I'd be leaning in towards the latter. Given it was conceived on the way I think it's a perfectly acceptible outcome.

The lens imparted a nice look. Loved the broad flare of the open door. Tasty. The noise in the image was quite odd though. It looked unusually evenly distributed, contrasty and somehow unnatural looking and characterless. Very digital looking in contrast to the character the lens imparts to the images themselves. Is it the result of gain or just the nature of the camera's sensor? The HVX is arguably noisier even on a good day but the character is quite organic to my eye in contrast to this footage.
Hah, I hope not everyone feels ripped off! We kinda threw this together at the last minute when another shoot at that location had to be scrapped. That noise in the image you saw was some 35mm grain laid on top of everything, as far as the contrast this was also one of the first things I shot with the FS-100 so I was still tweaking picture profiles. In the future I'll also never trust someone who says "Yes of course we have an excellent air compressor to use". Because it's going to be a lie!
Haha, no for me you came in just short enough for it to work. It was a punchline. I like to have my expectations subverted, even arbitrarily from time to time. Given the mystery that carried the interest was the guy offscreen, why he was moaning and who he was to the protagonist. If it had been any longer it would have needed some insight into that. Some payoff for the investment of attention.

The post-grain effect explains why it didn't look quite right. To me it looked more like analog 'snow' than grain. Given the lomos go a long way to eliminating the video-ness by themselves it looked a little strange to my eye with the quite digital looking post grain. Maybe if you were to use an SD grain template it might soften in the render but I'm just speculating. Or maybe it is just because the grain needs to be stretched to match the anamorphic footage. Actually that's probably it. Anyway, it's a small thing to focus on - I guess I'm just peeping. All personal taste in the end. In the end you've shown the lens seems to match well to the camera and that's the main thing.
I used cinegrain, and I can change the opacity of it to make it look less overt. Since this was awhile back I can't remember which grain stock I used. I did not stretch it to match the anamorphic at all, that might actually be a good idea for me to mess with.