Flying with Gear Question


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I need to fly with the pocket 6K pro, a lens, a battery charger, a cfast 2.0 card and 7 camera batteries. If I throw them into a bag like this (see link below), will I have any issues carrying everything on? Anything special I need to do with the batteries? And will the footage on the card be ok after going through security? Thanks! Your help is always greatly appreciated.
What's funny about this is the first time I flew for any kind of shoot like 12+ years ago in which the responsibility of the cards was all in my hands, I also had this thought of, "what if the footage gets erased when going through the metal detectors?" lol

All good to everything above. And you might even be able to get something a little bigger as a carry-on (just check the airline as they slightly differ).
ha, thank you. my glory days are behind me tho...I very much enjoyed trying to help people and answering dozens of questions daily from like 2014-2019 but YT replaced everything.

I still love this forum tho and always will because it's like a "safe place" and a bit of a time machine.
If you're going to be traveling and shooting, you should get a few SSD's(B&H has SanDisk Extreme's -all variants- on-sale right now) to back everything up to. I'd recommend more than one back-up, especially if you're going to be re-using the cards while gone.

I just grabbed two more 2TB Extreme Portables, last night. $149.99/each. Funny enough, the lower tier Portable, that is only half the read/write speed is only $10 less.