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AndrewKramer said:
Its been a while since I've done any new tutorials but here are a couple new ones.


I did a Light Streaks Part 2 video, that goes into some additional techniques and a tutorial demonstrating an effective way to make blood stick to walls and such.

I'll be at NAB this week, anyone here going? Also I'll be releasing at least 5 new free tutorials over the next 2 weeks.

Andrew Kramer

Thanks again Andrew.
video copilot

video copilot

this might be a stupid question. most of kramer's effects and presets i do not have. am i going to have to download that somewhere? he has a lot of awesome tutorials, but most of the tutorials i watch, i realize that i do not have his presets. tell me if i am missing something!

thank you.
I've watched a bunch of his, most come with After Effects. The CC ones are on the disk. But he does use Trapcode Particular sometimes. Other than that he really tries to use the ones everyone has.
Wow, the links featured here are among the best there is, I really find Maltaanon and John Dickinson's tutorials very helpful. I owe these guys a lot of what I know... :dankk2:
Whoa, wait. Andrew Kramer posts/posted here? I feel like a kid meeting his idol. Well, maybe just passing him in the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.
lots of good resources in several languages

lots of good resources in several languages

Here are a few things that I've collected. Pay special attention to the first one. It's a nearly comprehensive list of high-quality After Effects materials in several languages.